MyHR Kohl’s Workday Portal

If you’re working at Kohl’s or used to in the past, this guide is for you. We will talk about how to use the MyHR portal at Kohl’s. This is a unique website where you can check on all sorts of things related to your job, like your pay stubs, work schedule, and the benefits you get for being part of the team. Let’s dive in and make things easier for you!

Overview of MyHR Kohl’s

Diving into what myHR Kohl’s offers, it’s clear this isn’t just a regular website for work stuff – it’s a vital part of how Kohl’s uses technology. Made to be easy to use and helpful, myHR Kohls is the leading online spot for over 97000 employees to handle work info and find important HR papers. Read more about Kohls.

At its heart, Payslips and MyHR Kohls W2 make it super simple for employees to look at essential money documents. This means no more waiting around to get payslips or tax forms because everything you need is just a few clicks away. This is super handy when it’s time to do taxes, and you need your W2 form fast.

Then there’s the MyHR Kohls benefits resources. This part is packed with information about all the health care stuff you can get, like dental, vision, and regular health insurance, plus information on money like retirement plans and sharing in the company’s profits. It also talks about time off for vacation, or if you’re sick, so everyone knows what they can get.

The MyHR Kohls App is another incredible thing they’ve done. Now, employees can take care of HR stuff wherever they are, making it even easier to stay on top of work needs. Whether updating your info, checking when you work next, or looking at your benefits, the app makes all this super straightforward.

For those who need help, MyHR Kohl’s Phone Number (844) 564-5747 is there so you can talk to someone about your questions. And if you like doing things online, Visit It is always there to dive deep into everything you need to know.

Putting all these features together, myHR Kohl’s shows how much they want to make things better and more accessible for everyone who works there.

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Accessing Kohls myHR Platform

Logging Into MyHR Kohl’s Okta

We go to the MyHR Kohl’s website to start using Kohl’s HR online. You can find it at (former employee) or (current employee). This site is made just for us, the workers, to make it easy to get to different HR stuff, like updating our info. First, we have to type in our username and password. Sometimes, things might need to be fixed, like the page might stop loading or we can’t log in. This can usually be fixed by making sure our internet is working well.

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Oops, I Forgot My MyHR Kohls Password

It happens often – we forget our MyHR Kohl’s username or password. But don’t worry, it’s easy to get back in. If we need a new password, we can use the Kronos app and click “forgot password” to fix it. If our Kronos password isn’t working, we can go through MyKohls and Okta with a temporary password. They’ll ask us some security questions, and then we can make a new password.

If getting into our MyHR Kohl’s account is challenging, we can call the help desk to get back in. Just remember the answers to our security questions if we use a computer to reset our password. If we run into any problems, we can always ask for help from Kohl’s help desk or our store managers. They’re there to help us out.

Features of MyHR Kohl’s

Keeping Your Info Updated

At Kohl’s, it’s super important to ensure all your info is current. That’s where MyHR Kohl’s comes in handy. It’s the place to go when you need to change your phone number, who to call in an emergency, or any other personal details. Keeping your info fresh helps everything run smoothly, like ensuring you get all the essential messages from Kohl’s and knowing when to sign up for excellent work benefits. Plus, when Kohl’s adds new stuff to the website or app, you’ll learn about it immediately. Speaking of the app, using the MyHR Kohls App makes updating your info super easy, even when you’re not at a computer.

Payroll and Compensation Details

When it comes to money matters, the payroll and compensation details at make it easy peasy. After you log in and click on Workday, you’ll see all kinds of choices. You can look at your paychecks or figure out your taxes. This is where you see everything about your pay and ensure you understand what you’re earning. If you’re curious about your W2 tax forms, which show your yearly salary and taxes, it’s a breeze to find them. Log in to, click “Tax Forms,” and there you have it! The MyHR Kohls W2 area is set up so you can find all your tax info without a headache, making it easier when tax time rolls around.

Checking Out Your Workday Benefits

Exploring MyHR Kohl’s has shown us something cool for employees: the Benefits Resources. MyHR Kohl’s is more than just a website; it’s like a key that opens doors to making intelligent choices for our health and money.

When we look into Benefits Resources, we find lots of helpful stuff that makes picking health plans more transparent. There’s a Benefits Enrollment Guide that helps us compare different plans and choose the best one for us. It’s not just about picking a plan; it’s about understanding what it means for us and our families.

But there’s more on the MyHR Kohls Okta Homepage. If you’ve got questions, there’s a good chance you’ll find answers there, with FAQs and ways to get more help if you need it. And if you’re the type who likes to know all the details, has articles, videos, and webinars that talk about money, staying healthy, and lots more.

MyHR Kohl’s also gives us some handy tools. Tools and Calculators help us figure out how much we might spend on health care, how to save for retirement, and how choosing different benefits can change our paychecks. This helps us make choices that are good for now and later.

And for those who are always on the move, the MyHR Kohls App means we can check out all these resources anytime, anywhere. It shows that Kohl’s cares about us being healthy and financially secure.

Checking Workday Schedules and Days Off

We can easily find out when we’re scheduled to work next by visiting the “Workday” or “Schedule” section in MyHR. This is where we’ll see our work hours, any days off that are coming up, and other essential details about our job responsibilities.

Steps to Access Work Schedules:

  1. Go to MyHR.
  2. Look for the “Kohls Workday” or “Schedule” section.
  3. Review the work hours and days off.

Accessing Past Employment Information

For those of us who used to work at Kohl’s and need to retrieve old employment information like pay stubs or tax forms, MyHR remains accessible.

Steps for Kohl’s Former Associates:

  1. Log in to MyHR using the same process as current employees.
  2. If login issues arise, contact Kohl’s HR for assistance.
  3. Once logged in, navigate to the required section, such as “Payslips” or “Alumni Services.”
  4. By following these steps, we can manage our work information effectively, whether we’re currently employed or are former associates looking to access records.

So, going to is brilliant for anyone working at Kohl’s. With all these tools and info ready for us, we’re all set to make great choices for our health and money, helping us do well at Kohl’s and in life.

We’ve discovered how MyHR Kohl’s helps its employees in many ways, from staying healthy to feeling confident in securing money. The benefits and resources you can find on the MyHR Kohls App are more than just a place to pick your right choice of benefits. With easy-to-use tools and helpful info, you’re not just looking at the benefits but planning a safer future. It’s easy to see that with MyHR Kohl’s, we have the power to understand and use our benefits in the best way possible. It’s like having a roadmap to make good choices for ourselves and our families.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out for all the FAQs about Kohls myHR portal.

How Do I get my W2 forms from Kohls?

To get W2 forms from Kohls, the procedure might slightly vary based on the employment status with Kohls. The current employees can obtain their form W2 by logging into myHR Portal ( > Quick Links > View my Form W2 then download and print it. If you are a former employee then visit website > ‘Former Associates & Dependents’ option then login to request your myHR Kohls W2 form by mail or to download it.

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